I use infrared on every inspection.

Thermal imaging can be used for many different home systems and conditions, both good and bad.  Some of the more common uses are listed here:

  • Insulation issues

  • Building envelope air leakage

  • Confirm the presence or lack of structural components

  • Heating and air (HVAC) system check

  • Electrical system check

  • Roofing system check

  • In-floor heating/cooling system check

  • Moisture intrusion/water leak location 

**It should be noted that Thermal imaging does not release radiation and is not x-ray vision.  It is a perfectly safe tool that simply put, measures temperature differences across the components being inspected.

My infrared camera provides me with a superior level of detail unavailable to the naked eye.  It helps me to see things that other inspectors can't.  That's why I use an infrared camera on every inspection.

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